Annuity Payments

Sell annuity payments to a company that is committed to providing extremely competitive rates along with friendly and knowledgeable customer service. 

Sell Structured
Settlement Annuity

Why sell annuity payments to Factor Financial? We listen to those wanting to sell annuity payments from structured settlements. We’re small enough that we can focus on the demands of each individual case. We realize that everyone's needs are unique.

Sell Life Contingent
Annuity Easily

Want to sell annuity payments that are life contingent? Factor Financial knows exactly what to do for anyone wishing to sell life contingent annuity payments. We have several years of experience with such cases. We align ourselves with the best life insurance agents to allow you to get the most money for life contingent annuity payments.

Sell Annuity to a Transparent

Our policy is to have transparency with our clients. We don't beat around the bush. That includes having integrity to share any “bad news” such as a delay in the court process or a denial. We're upfront and tell it like it is. We don't play games with our clients, especially when their livelihood is on the line.

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Factor Financial

Factor Financial is comprised of individuals that all have several years of prior experience working in the structured settlement annuity factoring industry. Our Founder/President started in 2002. The size of our company allows us to have a laser like focus on each transaction. Our streamlined operations and vast investor network allow us to offer the most money for annuity payments.

Sell Annuity Payments

Including Life Contingent Annuity Payments

If you want to sell annuity payments you’ve come to the right place. Factor Financial has a vast network of investors willing to pay top dollar for annuity payments. Furthermore, we specialize in buying life contingent annuity payments. Additionally, we purchase lottery winnings.

How to Sell Annuity and Get Your Money ASAP

1. Call to Get a Quote

The first step to sell annuity payments is to call us to get a quote. Our friendly team will treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve.

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2. Send Paperwork

Just send us a copy of your annuity paperwork so we can process your transaction efficiently. Even if you don't have a copy we can help. Just relax!

3. Attend the Hearing

Simply attend the court hearing for approval. The hearing should last just a few minutes. Once approved, you’ll be funded shortly thereafter. It's that simple!

Advantages to Sell Annuity to
Factor Financial

Vast Network of Investment Capital

We have a vast network of both private and institutional investors. We’ve never not been able to fund a transaction. Sell structured settlement annuity payments to Factor Financial for the most money.

Sell Annuity to an Ethical Company

Our company policy is to be transparent throughout the entire transaction with any customer that wishes to sell structured settlement annuity payments. We keep them informed from start to finish.

Low Cost of Business Operations

We’re not a huge company. We’re not the McDonalds of the industry but we’ve previously worked at the second largest factoring company. Our operations are very streamlined. This means more money for the consumer.

Superior Knowledge and Efficiency

Our President, In-House Attorney and Purchasing Manager have a great deal of experience. Our systems are efficient. We don’t need to “ask a manager” for answers to questions. We know this business.

Sell Annuity to an Available Company

We’re available. We respond to any of our customers concerns about selling structured settlement annuity payments. Furthermore, we have cell phones if not in the office. We’re reachable and available to anyone.

Sell Annuity to a Caring Company

Yes, we really do care about our customers. Naturally we’re in business to make a living like any other business but we listen to our customers needs. Sell annuity payments to a caring company that truly listens to your needs.

Sell Annuity | Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to sell structured settlement annuity payments?

Generally it takes 45-60 days to sell structured settlement annuity payments. It depends on the jurisdiction or county where the Payee lives and whether or not the annuity payments are life contingent.

Can I sell life contingent structured settlement annuity payments?

We are experts at buying life contingent annuity payments. Although we can’t guarantee the Payee will qualify for life insurance we know exactly how to proceed with each case.

Will I receive a check or a bank wire if I decide to sell my annuity payments?

We prefer to wire your funding check directly into your bank account. We’ll ask that you fill out a Funding Instructions form that you’ll have notarized. We cannot send closing funds to a third party.

Do I have to go to a court hearing in order to sell structured settlement annuity payments?

Generally yes, however there are a few states that don’t require your physical appearance. In those states your Affidavit is used to help the judge decide if the transaction is in your best interest. Hearings normally only last a few minutes.

What are the chances my request to sell structured settlement payments gets approved?

The majority of structured settlement annuity transfers are approved. The petition to transfer your payment rights must be found to be in your best interest. Occasionally transfer requests are denied due to poor reasoning or complete lack of other sources of income.

How can I get a quote to sell my annuity payments?

Simply fill out the quote request form in the upper right corner of our site or pick up the phone and call us to get a quote for your annuity payments. Call +1 (781) 242-4000.

Can I sell just a portion of my annuity or do I have to sell the whole thing?

If your annuity payments are large enough, then yes, you can sell just a portion of your annuity. If they’re very small then it may not be possible due to legal costs involved.

What documents do you need from me if I want to sell structured settlement annuity payments?

Generally, we’ll need a copy of your Annuity Contract, Bankruptcy Discharge (if bankruptcy was filed), Child Support Payoff (if past due child support is owed), Divorce Decree (if divorced), Driver’s License or State ID, Release & Settlement Agreement (we can help you get it) and your Social Security Card.